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Kibble Bar

It’s funny…the ending to my last post alone gave me the inspiration for this post. This is a good example as to how you can say anything and my mind will naturally think of how it can be applied to dogs. So the last sentence of the previous entry ended comparing Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, with the former providing individuals with various options for their personalized beverage, while the latter offering fewer options for the less fussy (all in relation to the “My First Puppy” Kit which provides a Dunkin Donuts like solution for first time dog owners). Well, this week I turned to Starbucks and began to think of more personalized options and how it would be intriguing if there were a way to apply the concept somehow to canines.

Substituting coffee with kibble, consider how dogs often seem to favor one dinner or treat over another. You might have three dogs; one favoring chicken, another always jumping the counter for bacon, and the last waiting anxiously for a beefy meal. Odds are there is a science behind the tastes individual canines have, just as humans differ in their preferences. The majority of the choice, however, is left to the owner who typically bases his/her choice on attractive packaging, pricing, or product recommendations. People are constantly looking for ways to humanize their pets, from dressing them up to getting them pedicures; why not give their pets direct choice of what they eat, too?

Sure, you can experiment with different things and eventually find what your pet favors most often to keep him happy. But imagine for a minute, a cafe-like atmosphere and barrels filled with kibble and treats, each covered by plexi-glass, which have holes for easy scent detection. Being that the canine’s strongest sense lies within his olfactory system (smell), having the ability to bring the dog around from barrel to barrel and seeing which scent he prefers most could be considered a more accurate approach in determining his taste, or at the very least a more entertaining approach in choosing treats (free sampling is also a must!).

Yes, I know they’re nuts. Just trying to give you a visual here :P 

Photo credit: http://www.cookingnook.com/images/great-salad-recipes-21320427.jpg

Coupled with a warm, inviting interior and comfortable seating for owners to enjoy with their well-behaved pets, it’s a concept that I have yet to see. The most similar thing I have come across is a Japanese tea garden where you can enjoy your beverage and socialize with cats too. The details and features which to include have endless possibilities, but the basic premise is one I would find an inviting environment for dogs and owners to congregate and enjoy together!

Dogs are better Tokyo Cat Cafe

Photo credit: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/japan/090406/tokyos-cat-cafes


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